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Winxed is the premiere eyelash extensions luxury service located in Beverly Hills, California. Serviced exclusively by licensed estheticians dedicated to the art of individual, detailed eyelash extensions. Winxed eyelash artists create lashes that are stunning, natural, and deliciously deceitful. Your secret is safe with us
Our philosophy with lash services is a bit personal. We tailor each lash-look to your unique eyes, and begin your lurxuy lash experience at your first appointment. Our focus is to customize your lash-look with the seasons, and giving you lashes that fit every time.

Lash Passion

Lash passion is our commitment to quality service and perfection to details.

Lash Style

Your lash style reflects the image that you want to give to others.

Lash Dream

The lash dream is to live your dream but look fabulous doing it.

Winxed Luxury Service

Ensure quality service.
Personal to your unique eyelashes.
Educating you on healthy maintenance of your eyelashes.
Available for in-home or on-site sessions.
Relaxing with a spa-like experience.
Exclusive membership available.
Luxurious treatment rooms
Certified organic eyelash care.

Winxed Team

Tay and Themba are licensed estheticians specializing in lash enhancements. Tay has created a specially formulated adhesive that is safe for natural lashes, along with a unique application technique executed with precision that promotes the natural process of lash growth which avoids ripping and tearing of the natural eyelash. Careful to lay each individual lash delicately on top of the natural eyelash allows them to shed naturally as they grow out, minimizing lash loss, resulting in fabulous lashes that last 3-4 weeks. Winxed offers business consulting for new and established lash artists, application training, and a wide range of products and services for beauty industry professionals. Themba continues to pursue her education in beauty, art, and technique, frequenting beauty workshops, courses and conventions, keeping current with industry trends, offering only the best in quality products and services. Themba’s services remain in high demand, and the results range from subtle to natural, trendy to glamorous. Winxed's goal is to provide a relaxing experience, and education on caring for your lashes before, during and after treatments.

Tay's Favorite Quote: "A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous." ~Coco Chanel

Themba's Favorite Quote: “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ~Marilyn Monroe

Tay specializes in servicing an elite clientele in West Beverly Hills area. As a licensed esthetician for over six years, her journey began studying with industry leader, NovaLash, earning a certification while acquiring a standard of excellence in safety, health, and technique. Specializing in concierge service in support of client privacy, Tay offers in home visits and a wide range of textures, colors, and styles of eyelash extensions for the most natural looking results.

Themba offers a serene experience, lulling her clients to sleep with her soft touch technique. Originally from Northern California, Themba relocated to Los Angeles and earned a degree from California State University, Los Angeles. Following her passion for creativity, she obtained her esthetician license specializing in lash enhancement. With a deep desire to create the most luxurious transformation for her clients, she begins each session with an in-depth consultation, a lash analysis, and an offering of customized styles to select from.















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Luxury Eyelash Extensions Beverly Hills
Eyelash Extensions Beverly Hills
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Eyelash Extensions Beverly Hills
Individual Eyelash Extensions Beverly Hills
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Eyelashes Extensions Beverly Hills

Eyelash Extensions Beverly Hills

Synthetic Mink                          
  • Half: $125
  • Full: $250
  • Touch-up: $70
  • Mixed (Synthetic and Mink)
  • Half: $150
  • Full: $300
  • Touch-up: $80
  • Mink
    • Half: $175
    • Full: $350
    • Touch-up: $90

    Eyelash Tinting
    • Only $35
    Lash Lift (Eyelash Perming)
    • Only $120


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